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Jamal Farokh Sereshti

In 2008 Jamal Farokh Sereshti founded Madakto after previously being an independent Musician who worked with Australian and Iranian musicians in Iran and Australia.

After winning The Green Rooms best musician in Australia Award in 2006, he became more obsessed with the music industry and went on to form his own Music Centre by the name of Madakto Art Centre in 2009 becoming the best & only Iranian music institution in Australia till this date.

As the years & milestones progress the semi peak of Jamal's success was bringing in Maestro Shahram Nazeri to Australia for the first time with Madakto's very own orchestra.

The Nazeri Concert went on to break box office records for most anticipated Iranian/Kurdish concert in all of Australia making it a historic event, from then on Jamal & Madakto have surpassed many great achievements and even with challenges of 2020 (COVID). He was able to manage him and his talented team at Madakto to success.

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