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  • Do you do online music lessons?
    Yes, we do, online music lessons work very well.
  • Will music lessons in the Madakto move be online?
    No, Madakto Art Centre is taking all health and safety protocols for covid-19 druing the pandamic restriction. Hence, all music lessones are still ongoing as usuall until further notice.
  • What type of instruments do you teach exactly?
    Persian folk and traditional instruments: Santoor, Tar, Setar, Kamanche, Tonback, and Daf. Classical instruments and theory: Guitar, Violin, Cello, Guitar bass, Vocal, Chore, Music arrangement, Composing, and Note reading. Arabic/Turkish traditional instruments: Oud, Baglama, Qanun, Darbouka
  • Does Madakto's sale instruments select under the supervision of professional musicians?
    Yes! 100%. Madakto Art Centre gurrantees all its products due to selecting under its musicians' supervision.
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