Frequently asked questions

Do you do online music lessons?

Yes, we do, online music lessons work very well.

Will music lessons in the Madakto move be online?

No, Madakto Art Centre is taking all health and safety protocols for covid-19 druing the pandamic restriction. Hence, all music lessones are still ongoing as usuall until further notice.

Does Madakto's sale instruments select under the supervision of professional musicians?

Yes! 100%. Madakto Art Centre gurrantees all its products due to selecting under its musicians' supervision.

What type of instruments do you teach exactly?

  • Persian folk and traditional instruments: Santoor, Tar, Setar, Kamanche, Tonback, and Daf.
  • Classical instruments and theory: Guitar, Violin, Cello, Guitar bass, Vocal, Chore, Music arrangement, Composing, and Note reading.
  • Arabic/Turkish traditional instruments: Oud, Baglama, Qanun, Darbouka